Walk In Another’s Shoes

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Television, movies, blog posts, and articles can give a snapshot of how someone lives, but nothing replaces being on the ground. A major part of our mission as the people of God involves going outside of our familiar confines. God is constantly pushing His people to new places and cultures in order to fulfill the Great Commission and Great Commandment. (Luke 10:25-28; Matthew 28:19-20) The mission that he gives is one that requires real work. Of course, we were not meant to do the work on our own but under the guidance and power of God’s Spirit. Going to people who are of a different race, ethnicity, and social status can be uncomfortable and can cause us to pause as we launch into the unknown. When we are in the unknown we need a guide to help us understand and recognize how the gospel applies within a given context.

A key component of Infusion Missions is the intentional insertion into a particular community for the purpose of observation and engagement. This exercise is called, “Walk In Another’s Shoes”. You will see this previewed in the weekly schedule under the ‘About’ tab on our website. Participants will experience first hand how others live so that they can develop the ability to empathize   not merely displaying pity for another individual. The goal is that they see the harassed and helpless the same way that Jesus saw the masses. (Matthew 9:36) Consider making your way to work on public transportation or creating a meal for a family of four where the primary bread winner makes $7.25 an hour or how about finding a nutritious meal in a community with no supermarkets, only corner stores. These challenges exist in the U.S. and those who face these challenges can be identified as “the least of these”. Many of these individuals may be invisible to the broader society, but they will no longer be invisible to those who are followers of Christ.

We believe that it’s important to learn how to love like Christ—this is part of the process of discipleship. Infusion Missions’ goal is to help raise a generation committed to loving others the way that Jesus loves a lost and dying world. It is so easy to sit back from afar and believe that your understanding of how someone lives is enough to make a judgment call on who they are. Too much of this kind of assessment goes on in our land. Why not get to know those outside of your community or culture within a gospel-centered, kingdom-focused platform in one of three cities next summer? Why not commit to six days in a place outside of your comfort zone where growth happens within intentional experiences designed to help Christians realize God’s kingdom agenda in the world.

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